Saturday, October 1, 2011

A zombie's value menu....

The other day it occurred to me that we don’t see enough zombie entrepreneurs. I mean what’s up with that? Just because zombies are undead, doesn’t mean that we can’t form the necessary pattern of thought involved to be a top notch zombie entrepreneur. I was thinking, for instance, that a zombie with the means to do so, could get a hold of one of those lunch wagon vans. You know, the ones you see parked next to construction sites or outside of a business district, where workers can grab a quick bite. Anyway, a lunch wagon van for zombies might be a smashing success. I’m not exactly sure how the business model would work really, since most of us zombies don’t carry around money to pay for lunch…hence why we do a lot of human hunting, which tends to be a “free” meal of sorts. SON OF A SWAMP MOTHER, I just got an idea! I could drive my zombie lunch van to Wall Street and then onto Silicon Valley. Anybody with half a brain knows that when we take over these two particular areas, the newly infected zombies there will be loaded with cash and very, very hungry! The newly minted zombie millionaires will be so hungry, they won’t care if they have to pay premium prices from the menu items on my lunch van. Now I’m getting somewhere. So now I would like to get a rough idea regarding my top ten lunch items that could be on the menu….coming soon to a zombie millionaire infested city near you:

10. Ladyfinger Sandwiches (extra finger toppings available)

9. PB & J Sandwich (peanut butter & some woman named Jilly)

8. Nasty, Bloody Foot In A Footlong Sandwich

7. Tongue Taco

6. Liver Quiver Jello

5. Pancreas Pudding

4. Kidney Nuggets

3. Steak –n- Legs

2. Pop –n- Fresh Eyeballs (betcha can’t eat just one!)

1. Braaaaaaaains O’Burger

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