Sunday, October 23, 2011

Political Gain & Political Pain

I’ve been thinking about running for political office.  I could start off small, such as city dog catcher.  The people of this city might as well be warned: if elected, I will eat every dog that I am able to catch.  Many zombies would be envious of my newly elected position and my opportunity to eat my weight in pooch pounds.  Just think of it as an incentive to keep your pooches in your damn yard!  Well, maybe I wouldn’t win dog catcher election on that platform.  What about a congressional or senate race bid for good old’ Jed?  I mean I couldn’t be any worse than the dead driftwood we have in power right now.  Seriously, the other day while watching TV, I found myself channel surfing and stopped on C-Span, one of those real rib tickling comedy channels, that the living must really enjoy.  After sticking with this choice for a few minutes, I couldn’t tell if I was watching the government in action or a real boring zombie flick!  Anyway, if I consider running for a political office, it would go along way towards regaining the respect for the zombie community.  Think about all the political rallies that my supporters would attend to hear me speak.  I would carefully outline my plan to bring back jobs, improve the economy, cut spending and eat the elderly before their “expiration date” is up.  Ooopps, I should probably keep that last political promise out of earshot of the voting public.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them.  Isn’t that the creed of all great politicians anyway?  Hell yeah it is!

Thanks for reading Freakin' Dead Jed's zombie blog!  I appreciate it very much.

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