Sunday, October 16, 2011

A whole bus load of attitude

A week ago I laid down in the middle of the road when I saw this bus full of high school kids travelling in my direction. Once the driver slammed on the brakes and the bus came to a complete stop, I jumped up and came crashing through the door. The bus driver was horrified. She looked like I just announced the cancellation of her favorite soap opera. The kids, on the other hand, were not scared of me at all. Most of the brats shot spit wads at my head. I had to grab the bus driver just to use her as a human shield! What kind of a damn world do we occupy when the sight of a fierce, menacing zombie has little or no impact on a bunch of pimple faced geeks? It’s got to be those stupid teenage vampire movies. Ever since those cheesy movies became popular, the undead have not enjoyed the terror from humans that we once did. Women seem to consider monsters to be sexy or cute, rather than menacing. Give me a break! Well, I must admit the ladies do tell me I’m kind of sexy also, which has to be because of my rock hard abs, but that’s not the point here. The point is that monsters should be considered very frightening by one and all. Well, that lousy encounter with those kids inspired me to formulate a couple of new goals. First of all, I am going to make it my mission in the undead world to win back the respect for all zombies (werewolves and vampires are on their own; hey, I’m not running a charity here). Second, before my next attempt at high jacking a bus load of teenagers, I need to remind myself to wear a bee keeper’s mask. I picked spit wads out of my hair for five and half days afterwards. Good thing, I stopped sporting a hillbilly beard years ago.

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