Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's a tough gig, but some zombie has to do it......

Chased a family today around their house and did it ever hurt my pride.   Although it would seem that they should thank me for the exercise they received by running from a zombie, I suppose that might be asking too much.  It could even be considered quality family time spent for this mother and her three kids.  I mean, it wasn’t exactly like a night playing a game of Monopoly for this family, but they got to test their escape skills against the zombie mack daddy!  I came across this mom heating up some frozen pizza for her kids in their kitchen.  Again, I should be thanked by the kids at least since I interrupted lunch time and the “craptacular” pizza was flung to the floor by their mom when I gave her the initial scare of walking into her kitchen.  After chasing the mom and the kiddies up stairs and then back down stairs and throughout the main level of the house for about 23 minutes, “Momma” exchanged her frightened state for a more cool, confident, pissed off attitude.  She kind of reminded me of Sigourney Weaver from the Alien movies!  It kind of turned me on until she grabbed a ball bat from the garage and came after me with it.  Back in the kitchen, I happened to be trapped next to the stairs going down to the basement.  “Momma Thunder”, as I will now refer to her, jumped at me and smashed me with the bat so hard I went tumbling down the stairs!  My right arm became dislocated after the impact on the hard basement floor.  SON OF A SWAMP MOTHER, talk about bad karma!!!!  I fixed my arm with a dusty old tuba and a shoe horn.  Don’t ask, it’s better to not know the details.  So with my re-established confidence, I ran back up the stairs only to have Momma Thunder slam the door right on my face knocking me back down the stairs AGAIN!!  This time my left arm was completely unattached, but it was nothing a little duct tape and bailing wire couldn’t fix.  Holy Crap, I am like a zombie MacGyver!  Realizing it was time to call it a day; I broke out a basement window and went on back to the graveyard.  You know, I am starting to see the merits of cremation.  I wouldn’t get myself into these unfortunate incidents if I was a pile of ashes.

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