Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rumor going down around zombie town....

There was a rumor going around the zombie ranks today.  It consisted of the government and its goal to control each one of us zombies with an individual microchip surgically implanted right into the brain!  This scared the hell right out of me!   It’s not so much because being a zombie I have a fear of some government hired dumbass scientist screwing with my highly coveted IQ by riveting some shabby micro chip into my brain, but more so because our government can’t even control itself let alone trying to start some federal zombie slave program!  Look, we have government officials who talk out both sides of their mouth, playing spin the bottle in the world of politics.  Kissing up to the American public, telling the masses what they want to hear, when they want to hear it.  All the while, smooching up to special interest lobbyists and getting all the corrupt perks that go along with those “chapped lips”.  Just look at all the governmental screw-ups; take the Army Corp of Engineers, for instance.  These “rocket scientists” tried to convert the Missouri River into a giant enema for several Midwestern states this summer.  Yet, the government wants to control zombies…..yeah, right.  Learn to crawl, U.S. Government, before you can walk with the zombies…..

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