Sunday, August 14, 2011

In the dog house again

Got caught in a rain down pour today and wow did that suck.  I literally had to run down the alley of a residential neighborhood I wasn’t very familiar with at all.  No zombie likes to run unless he or she is chasing down a human for a quick meal, but here I was running in the rain like a damned fool with no tasty humans in my immediate sight.  Saw a huge dog house in the middle of this empty backyard, so I ducked into it figuring I could hang out in there until the rain lets up.  I thought to myself that this isn’t very dignified to be jumping into a dog house, but then again I eat brains, bloody guts and other assorted organs, so how much damned dignity do I really need!  Beggars can’t be choosers.  So I was sitting there in the dog house, chewing on a bone left there by the dog who owned it.  It was a T bone and it still had some meat left on it.  At that point I was thinking that the day might not end up so bad after all when all of a sudden I heard a very loud growl.  A massive Rottweiler was standing on the back porch. (Uh, can you say YIKES?!)  The dog’s teeth looked tragically sharp and his attitude took a completely badass turn regarding a zombie taking up residence in his house, chewing on his T bone!  My foolish notion led me to think I was at the top of the food chain that day and boy was I wrong.  I bolted out of there like my head was on fire and my ass was catching!!  Must have set the zombie land speed record in getting the hell out of there…..

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