Monday, July 9, 2012

Even zombies are entitled to a holiday.....

The 4th of July came and went, but we had a lot of fun in the old cemetery!  We enjoyed an awesome time of rest & recreation at our zombie club, “Brained & Stained”.  Stacey and Granny Rose made some homemade headcheese.  The cheese came from the head of a local candidate running for city council.  I doubt that he’ll miss it much as his brain hasn’t experienced much activity lately.  That’s what I hate about an election year:  empty political promises from empty headed morons.  Anyway, I also made some flesh burgers which I carved out of my latest victims….  Uh, I mean, dinner guests.  We played yard darts outside of the clubhouse.  Unfortunately for Slickman, a yard dart landed on his right leg and stuck him to a nearby tombstone!  He’ll probably be fine, that is if we can ever get him unstuck from that tombstone.  Cletus, our new zombie trucker buddy, brought some fireworks he had stashed away.  The problem with Cletus is that he was also a pyromaniac when he was among the living, so he kept setting himself on fire!  We also had a visit from zombies who served in our military from various wars.  A couple soldiers from the Civil War, a few from the Spanish-American War and, of course, a few from the American Revolutionary War all joined our zombie Independence Day celebration.  Talk about your moldy oldies! The zombified versions of General Patton and his comrade General MacArthur showed up and what a pleasant surprise that was!  Well, at least until the generals fought over the last of the intestine sausages.  Come on, Generals, show some mutual respect!  Had to make those two old gents arm wrestle just to make it a fair contest, and then of course, when they were the heat of battle and distracted…..yours truly ate the last of intestine sausages.  Ha Ha Heh,Heh!  Oh, they’ll get over it.  Just hope they don’t try to court martial me first. 

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