Saturday, June 23, 2012

Here’s the latest yarn about our zombie barn….

We’ve made massive, magical progress in the way of getting our zombie club, “Brained & Stained”, off the ground.  We raided the local recreational store for our pool table, foosball table and dart boards.  Well, of course it wasn’t easy as pie.  Most of my zombie dudes were there, but Ike could not be found.  That was strange.  What could Ike be up to?  His lazy ass might try to show up only after all the work has been done.  I suppose we’ll deal with him later.  It was imperative to have a truck driver to deliver all that stuff.  So, we went down to the local truck stop and “recruited” a truck driver and the use of his truck.  The pool table and all the other recreational stuff was delivered about 2 am Saturday morning.  Here’s the best part: the truck driver, Cletus, donated his 80” LED flat screen deluxe television.  Since he’s now a card carrying member of my zombie gang, I made Cletus an offer that he couldn’t refuse!  After hooking up this beautiful TV, I have to admit size does matter.  Bigger is better.  You can tell the size of a zombie’s…….. EH, HMMM.  Well, you get the picture.  (Hey, it’s not braggin’ if it’s true!)  Anyway, we finished setting up in the barn.  My dog, Goo, even came and pissed around the parameter of the barn.  I guess it’s his way of marking the territory for us.  How nice……  I guess.   It was probably 7 am when Stacey, Grandma Rose and the other gals dropped by for an unexpected visit.  Stacey said, “This will make a great social hall for me and the other ladies to chat about zombie girl stuff.  We just need some pink, frilly curtains and potpourri and we’ll be set!”  Potpourri??  SON OF A SWAMP MOTHER!!  I really hoped she was joking around……..

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