Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh, Ike, no you didn’t!!

Things were going smoothly for “Brained & Stained”, our zombie club, until Ike decided to shake things up recently.  Remember, Ike wanted to install a liver salad bar in Brained & Stained, and as the zombie with the power to veto that motion, I had to do it.  Not to be thwarted by my lack of enthusiasm for his idea, Ike opened up a zombie health club to compete with our club.  I know, right?!  Just across the expanse of the old marble grove on the other side of the cemetery.  Apparently, Ike took over the gigantic Harry Johnson family mausoleum.  The Johnson family has not stayed there in years.  They all left for the warmer weather of the south.  Received a postcard from Harry just last week which said the tourists and old people in Florida are especially tasty this time of year.  Anyway, Ike has named his new zombie health club as, “Good Guts & Gory”.  Ike made his intentions clear to install mud baths spas, a liver salad bar, and some other weird exercise equipment in his club.  Can you believe it?!  If that wasn’t bad enough, our zombie gals, including Stacey and Granny Rose, seemed to have joined forces with Ike to help him get that venture off the ground.  They even have my dog, Goo, doing tricks in front of the place to help attract attention. I was less than thrilled when I yelled, “Stacey and Goo, you betrayed me!”  Who am I kidding?  At the end of the day, Stacey will still be my girl and Goo will still curl up by my feet and I will still be a little annoyed at them.    

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