Monday, April 30, 2012

Granny Rose, Zombie Huntress

Granny Rose, with her huge ass hummer, came barreling down the street.  I thought she was going to run right over me, but as luck would have it, a strange turn of events occurred.  Her hummer came to an abrupt halt with a plum of grayish blue smoke which rolled out from underneath the hood.  Oooops, looks like Granny was a little too hard on her gas guzzling sled.  She hopped out of the giant SUV, all 4 foot 9 inches of her, and pulled a remote out of her pocket.  With one quick click of the button, the back end of hummer opened up and out came an ATV which looked just like Granny’s hummer except only more petit.   So with a goose step over to the miniature hummer, Granny was ready for hot pursuit once again!  Zombie vs. Granny, a fight to the death, should she ever catch up to me.  I guess it would become personal at that point. It was amusing how she could barely see over the steering wheel of the ATV.  I can’t wait to see what Granny does with her walker.  I can only imagine it is probably made out of titanium with steel spikes protruding from the frame.  Anyway, I led her on a chase through the woods and over around the hills surrounding the graveyard.  My ears could faintly make out the cuss words coming from Granny’s lips.  Whoa!  She cussed like a sailor on shore leave.  One thing is for certain, Granny didn’t learn those cuss words while playing Yahtzee at the senior center downtown!  As I continued to run from her, suddenly I heard an extremely loud crash!!  Granny Rose and her ATV fell into a ravine.  Curiosity got the best of me, I had to run back and see what happened to the Granny.

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