Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Great Date Debate…..

Once I chased down my high school sweetheart, Stacey, the excitement really began to pop.  I felt as happy as an Irishman in a pub with an open tab, because Stacey’s beauty is just as intoxicating!  Anyway, I said to her, “You know, Stacey, we never really got the chance to continue our romance after high school.  What do you say that we go out on a date?”  Stacey was trying to keep a safe distance between me and her with this giant purse when she yelled back, “Look at yourself, Jed, you’re a zombie, for crying out loud!!  It would never work out between the two of us.  You deserve a nice, sweet zombie girl, you know, who also has worms protruding through her flesh.”  Stacey was just being ridiculous.  Why would I want some old hag of a zombie woman when I could have Stacey?  True, I am a zombie and she’s still a living human being.  It would be a mixed relationship.  Heads would turn, people and zombies alike would whisper about us.  Should be no surprise that Stacey smells yummy and that could be a problem for us.  For you humans who are into food, we’re not talking ‘rainbow sprinkles on a chocolate donut’ type yummy.  Oh no, we’re talking that her freakin’ sweet, super intelligent brain cells smell like a juicy Porterhouse steak!  YUMMY!! I may not be able to resist her delicious charms as a food source for long.  What is a zombie to do?  So I said, “Come on, Stacey.  Give us one more try, we’ll go out and enjoy the sunset and then catch a movie.”  Stacey responded, “You know, Jed, I would rather get the kiss of death from a mobster than go out with you.”  It seems to me that Stacey is going to be a tough nut to crack, but if any zombie can still bust a nut, it’s good old Jed.

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