Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jed's old flame

I was wandering around downtown two nights ago & walked by a coffee shop that I use to frequent when I was still among the living.  Looked right into the window and who do you suppose my gaze fell upon?  None other than my high school sweet heart, Stacey!  Oh, she was a looker.  Before I ever got the nerve to ask her out I would practice kissing on the mirror in the boy’s room at school.  When other kids were standing in there smoking and trying to be cool, there I was sucking face with the mirror in the bathroom.  No wonder the other kids put a huge distance between me and them when walking the halls of school.  Anyway, fast forward back to the other night and my experience with Stacey.  My eyes locked with hers.  Stacey obviously recognized me, paid the check and slipped quickly out the back door.  What up with that??  She must have taken a vow of celibacy or something.  Stacey knew she wouldn’t have been able to resist my sexy zombie ass so she had to hot foot it right out of there.  By the time I caught up with her, Stacey was in a dead run, talk about playing hard to get.  A thought crossed my mind: Hey baby, once you go zombie, you never go back.  “Stacey, I just want to get reacquainted with you, darling? What’s the hurry?  What have you been up to all these years?”  I yelled at her during my fast-footed chase.  Stacey yelled back over her shoulder as she continued to run away, “Oh you know, Jed, I went to college to study business administration.  Then after graduation, I took a management position with an escrow company. You look, um…..uh, I don’t know, less than fresh, Jed, how have you been?”  It may seem odd that a zombie grand poobah, such as myself, and an old friend would have a ‘get to know you again’ conversation while in the act of pursuit but it happens all the time….. Strange enough.

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