Saturday, February 11, 2012

Runnin' the rats

My zombie biker gang got snowed in this weekend.  Yep, it was our first major snowstorm of the winter.  It had been so damned mild up to this point that I was thinking about riding the motorcycle without my leather jacket.  You know, having that feeling of wind streaming through my rotten rib cage….. Ahhhh, the freedom of the open road!  Well, anyway, once the snow started to fall, The Rotten & Ripe Riders rode right into the shelter of an old, abandoned warehouse.  Once we slowed our bikes down inside, I realized that we were not alone.  There was a herd of beady eyed rats!  We discussed amongst ourselves and decided having a little fun would be in order.  Frank “The Shank” spotted some old nets. (Apparently, the business that once occupied this warehouse manufactured and distributed fishing related products.  I know, what are the odds?)  So, with a deranged excitement that any mental patient would envy, we gathered up a few nets and started runnin’ the rats down on our bikes.  SON OF A SWAMP MOTHER, oh the schemes that crazy zombies can partake in and enjoy to the fullest!  Began the day with a damn blizzard and ended it with a wild rat safari.  Wild rat safari might be a bit of a stretch in terms of describing this adventure.  Actually, the chase felt like one of those old west cattle drives that you see in cowboy movies.  One of the great things about being a zombie is the lack of discrimination in potential food sources.  Seriously, it was only a few months ago, that I ate a charred squirrel, so a few warehouse rats shouldn’t be a shock to the system.  I figured we did the rats a favor.  Hey, this was probably a far better fate than for just one of those little creatures to end up as a lab experiment. 

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