Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just a few good bikers......

Yeah, so my plan to recruit my zombie pals, Boner and Slickman, into my biker gang ended with them acting like big babies.  Those two would have been better ghosts than zombies, because they’re “transparent” and I can see right through their steaming pile of bull chips.  Oh well, guess the public library could use a couple of zombie nerds like them to help keep the human nerd herd under control.  So, I decided to take my biker gang recruiting efforts to the city.  Went to the local motorcycle dealership to scout for biker material and all I found was a bunch of “posers” trying to recapture lost youth or manage a midlife crisis.  You know, there were a bunch of dudes down at that dealership who work as doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc., but want to show a weekend wild streak by owning and riding around on a hog and looking like an outlaw biker while doing it.  What’s this world coming to?  I suppose I can give doctors a pass, but lawyers and bankers, come on, really?  These two groups of prime slime are already pretending to be human beings when at work, why do they have to continue the masquerade by pretending to be bikers on the weekend?  Ridiculous!  Anyway, I left the motorcycle dealership in utter frustration, thinking that my quest for biker talent might be in trouble when I suddenly received a flash of brilliance across my mind!  Maybe I should go to one of the local bars to recruit bikers?  Yeah, I’ll search for the ugliest, smelliest, craziest and loudest joint in the city to find whack jobs that I can turn into zombie bikers.  If nothing else I can start a bar tab and get reacquainted with the joys of a good whiskey sour. 

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