Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jed's new job

Got a job at a local grocery store and I can’t believe my luck! You might think I would have to start as a sacker or cashier, but that’s not the case at all. My new position at the MEAT COUNTER will start on Monday morning! Can you believe it? The human resource department rep must not have noticed the gleam in my dead eyes when I inquired about the open butcher trainee position. It’s going to be difficult to keep my hands off the merchandise. Maybe I can practice my “slight of hand” technique. You know, when I’m cutting the prime portions of rump roast, for instance, some of the pieces can mysteriously disappear into my pockets. Another option: I could just hunt and eat everybody else that works in the meat department. That would make me department manager by process of elimination. Once in charge, I can really handle the sweet meat, so to speak. Uh-oh, I meant to say, I can handle the meat at the meat counter. Hmmm, it just crazy enough to work! I can visualize my success. It’s a good thing I went to that positive thinking self improvement seminar for zombies last month. Look out world: you’ve got a zombie who is confident and ready to take advantage of all opportunities coming his way. Who knows what’s next for me? I might just start an outlaw zombie biker gang.

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