Saturday, September 17, 2011

A zombie chat, what up with that?

 You see it’s tricky with us zombies.  We don’t have a zombie equivalent of Facebook, since most members of our ranks don’t have a face.  To communicate and socialize, it’s important to be able to plug into the zombie community by speaking face to face with one another.  These zombie to zombie encounters can be packed full with information, you know, where are the easiest pickings for human victims and what areas of the state have humans taken over shopping malls and turned these once pinnacles of consumerism into anti zombie bunkers.  Let's face it, a well informed zombie is a....well, I suppose.... just a zombie, but a zombie with something to think about when he's not chasing down food.   Anyway, attempted to communicate with Boris today and that was odd to say the least.  He was an interesting character when he was alive.  Boris used to be an auctioneer when he was still human. I always thought that line of work would have been challenging to pursue.  Figured my tongue would have ended up in traction if I would have tried to talk that fast!  The grave plot that Boris calls home in the cemetery is only four plots away from my own.  Boris is a bit of a grouch, kind of an “I just woke up on the wrong side of the casket” type of grouch.  Boris is like the old dude that tells the neighborhood kids to get off his lawn and then doesn’t think twice about letting his dog drop a huge honkin’ deuce on his neighbor’s lawn!  Suppose I should lighten up on old Boris; guess I would be a grouchy bastard too if I was missing my lower jaw. 

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