Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alley Oooooppps!

The other night I was out prowling around, looking for some flesh to digest.  At some point I walked down a dark alley and came upon these two tough looking young teenagers who apparently decided that night to embark on a criminal enterprise.  They saw me walking towards them and shouted, “Hey, old man, give us all your money!”  Once these brain-dead poster children realized my undead state, they took off screaming.  I didn’t even get a chance to impart my wisdom to let them know that a life of crime will not pay off in the end and how the local youth detention center could use a couple bone heads like them (if for no other reason, the football team there could use new tackling dummies).  What is with all their screaming, “AAAHHHH, It’s a ZOMBIE!!! HELP!!!” Hey, I like to consider myself more than a mere zombie.  My duty is to be an ambassador of the undead, at least an agent of compromise.  Instead of eating their brains, I could have compromised and been satisfied with a couple of eyeballs or hands.  Hey, I am easy to get along with, but obviously these two idiots didn’t want to stick around to find out.  Guess it’s just as well, any body parts I could have ripped off and ate from either one of them would made me dumber than a box of rocks.  You know, you are what you eat!

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