Sunday, July 31, 2011

Can a zombie carry a tune?

A couple of the other zombies approached me about starting an undead pop singing group.  You know, something to compete on that show, "Graveyard's Got Talent".  I can sing a little and Boner can grunt and groan, oddly enough in tune, but Slickman’s vocal cords are barely working.  He can whisper and that is about it.  Slickman has been a zombie a lot longer than me and Boner.  In fact, it was 50 years ago last Tuesday that Slickman was camping in Yellowstone National Park when he bought the farm.  One morning, after a particularly hard night of getting hammered with a few summer cocktails, Slickman blindly stumbled onto a geyser and took the ride of his life as Old Faithful erupted.  Slickman told me that kissing his ass goodbye as he flew through the air was the only thing he could think of to do, but then again that situation gave him very few options.  All I can say, what an asshat!  Anyway, in getting back to the that ill conceived plan in starting a pop singing group for the talent show, it's a safe bet that's probably not going to happen.  Kind of hard to make ice cream out of crap.  Maybe we could launch Slickman from a cannon for the show's audition and bring back sweet memories of his idiotic demise?  It's a thought........

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