Saturday, July 23, 2011

A moment in the undead life of zombie Freakin' Dead Jed.....

Walked through the graveyard. Man, what is it with all this creepy, damn fog?! Thick nasty crap...... SMACK....Oh man.... Just walked into a tree.... again. Every time the fog rolls in, the same thing happens: I get out of the grave, hungry for a snack so I attempt to make my way to town for a little brain pie. But nooooooo, I end up walking into one of the hundreds of trees within this graveyard, because I can't see through this thick fog soup. Last time I walked into a tree, my impact was so hard that I fell ass backwards into an open, freshly dug grave. Guess I need to start coating myself in bubble wrap to lessen the impact of the many obstacles in this place. What a fresh inventive idea: a zombie protective bubble wrap suit to protect your undead loved one! May just be worth millions if I can get a patent. Who am I kidding? I am a zombie and I didn't hurt anything but my pride when I smacked into that tree. Being undead does have it's perks.......

Please visit Go to then simply type in actionave into the search browser to bring up some really cool stuff. You can also see a preview in the zazzle panel below. There you will find some art works and art related products from artist, illustrator and cartoonist, Paul Addison. The name of his studio is Action Avenue Studio and in that studio, Addison works very hard to create the ongoing adventures of zombie Freakin' Dead Jed.

Also you’ll find the continuous scifi adventures of galactic robot ranger, Rusty McBolt.  His mission is to clean up outer space one outlaw alien scumbag at a time!

Freakin' Dead Jed and Ranger Rusty McBolt are copyright 2011 by Action Avenue Studio, Action Avenue Art Studio and Paul Addison.

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