Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zombies and pretzel logic

On Jillian the casting director’s command, my zombie crew and I were assigned to a yoga instructor to increase our flexibility.  About 7 in the morning, Emerald, the yoga instructor bounced into the yoga studio.  The lady was way too perky!  She reminded me of a smurf hopped up on Twinkies and Red Bull.  It should come as no surprise prior to the start of the class, Emerald was nice.  The operative word here “was” until the yoga class began, then she turned into a drill sergeant.  Cletus was turned into a complete zombie pretzel by doing the Down Dog Split.  When it was all said and done, Frank “The Shank” could literally kiss his own ass and a zombie kissing his own ass is one ugly sight.  It was like playing a game of Twister as a form of intense punishment.  After the Cow Face pose, Boner yelled loudly, “AAAAGGGHHH!!!  I think my hips have been dislocated!”  Sure enough, his hips were sticking out in a weird way.  Before I could get out of my pose to help my zombie bro, Emerald jumped right over to him and took a rubber mallet to help readjust Boner’s out of place bones!  SON OF A SWAMP MOTHER!!  I thought for sure she would destroy my entire gang.  It was not clear if zombie extra roles in some movie would be worth all this craziness.  What were we thinking?

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