Sunday, August 19, 2012

For the love of the game....

Have you ever noticed that cemeteries and golf courses are eerily similar?  I have pondered that notion and have arrived at a conclusion.  Grave yards and golf courses are both known for nicely manicured grass.  Grave yards are known for their dead residents, while golf courses have many golfers with handicaps that are pretty much dead on arrival!  I’m kind of surprised that some creative, young entrepreneur has not jumped onto the idea of combining a grave yard and golf course together into one giant enterprise.  Think about the potential ways in which a grave yard/golf course could obtain new patrons.  When one of those geezers has a great golf game, he could then die a happy man and won’t even have to spend one night in the morgue.  Hell, if a golfer achieved a score of 54, his brain would meltdown at that very moment.  Instead of just installing regular sand traps, a few more golfers could meet their final happy day playing their favorite game by falling into a quick sand trap!  Well, the water hazards could also have a little different treatment at a golf course/grave yard.  I recommend either gators or piranha, for the golfer who wants a real water hazard challenge.  When you really think about it, the golf carts can also be enhanced to help the golfer along to his final bogey.  The brakes could be “adjusted” and the steering column could be “altered” so that every tree on the course could be one hell of a place to park, if you catch my drift.  Each tree could be fitted with a razor sharp pendulum mechanism to slice and dice any golf cart crashing into such a tree.  You see in my world, under par pretty much is equal to being underground….um uh, six feet underground. 

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