Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's a wrap!

The filming of our movie, “The Dirt Nap Gang Rides Again”, finally wrapped up about a week ago.  It was fun to be a movie extra, as well as a lot of hard work.  My gang and I must have done a good job because the production crew invited us to the wrap party.  It looked more like a frat party than a function for so called professionals.  The director, Stevie Spielbergen, did keg stands in the corner as the camera men and a few of the actors cheered him on enthusiastically.  The yoga instructor, Emerald, who was hired to help us “loosen up” was there.  She did the best impression of human origami that I’ve ever witnessed.  Of course some of the good looking young actresses were chased around the large room by the rugged, manly men actors who played the heroes of the movie.  I guess guys are always horny, no matter where, no matter when and that’s just the way it is.  The casting director, Jillian, walked up and encouraged us to hit the food and refreshment table.  I remarked, “Don’t worry, we intend to enjoy the great, tantalizing meal that has been offered here.”  Stacey walked over and locked the door which caught the attention of the cast and crew.  As they looked at me and the other zombies, we couldn’t suppress our grins.  As the leader of the pack, my pals gave me a look and we all said together, “Good flesh, good meat, good gosh let’s eat!”
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